Dylan's Computer Repair - Going Forward

After doing freelance IT work for years I've begun working in an entirely different field. Since March 2017 I've been working full time as an apprentice land surveyor. I love the work and the consistency, but this leaves little time for IT work - really just parts of evenings and weekends, but I don't want to leave my existing customers high and dry, so if you can work with my schedule I'll try to support you until you can find a suitable replacement.

I would like to stipulate that I'm no longer fixing physically damaged phones, laptops, and tablets. I know that sounds insane in an increasingly mobile world, but repair shops that swap out parts are a dime a dozen now, so I'm confident you can find a reputable one to take these to.

For all inquiries (including land surveying ones) you can call or text me if you have my number or email me at dylanlevesque@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Dylan Levesque